Who We Partner With

Organic Plus Brands was built on the principles of being transparent in what we do and only providing the highest quality to all of our customers. We look for those same principles in any of our potential partners.

Our goal is to help reshape the hemp industry alongside our partners, and develop long standing relationships with them, to grow together.

Organic Plus Brands has partners all across the country in a wide range of industries that utilize our capabilities and network.

Industries We Serve

- Medical Practices
- Cannabis Dispensaries
- Independent Brands
- Grocery Stores
- Health Supplement Shops
- Gyms & Fitness Centers
- Holistic Stores
- Head Shops
- Distribution Centers
- ...and more!

How to Develop Your Brand

  1. Determine product type:
    • Tincture
    • Topical
    • Vape
    • Flower
    • Edibles
  2. Determine your concentrate:
    • Full Spectrum
    • Broad Spectrum
    • Isolate
  3. Choose your packaging:
    • Work with an Organic Plus Brands rep to find the perfect packaging to display your brand.
  4. In-House Graphic Design:
    • We design your label the way you envision it and make sure your labels are up to compliance and as well as approved by our law team.
  5. Final Approval:
    • Sit back while we create your dream brand, ready to release to the world once the last revisions and approvals happen.

Partner With Us

There are many different parts where Organic Plus Brands can step in and assist in helping your business growth as it comes to life. Reach out today to see.
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