Activate Broad Spectrum CBD:CBG Tincture

Regular Strength – 750mg
Extra Strength – 2000mg

Our Activate Tincture utilizes a special 10 to 1 CBD to CBG ratio alongside Sativa citrus terpenes to help prepare your body for any challenge that awaits it! Activate Tincture is available in either 750mg or 2000mg strength options and features organic ingredients. Simply administer sublingually and hold under the tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. Feel free to try adding Activate Tincture into your routine before going to the gym, on a long day ahead of you, or any time you need a boost!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Activate Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture Lab Tested?

Absolutely. We test all of our products to determine the exact potency and cannabinoid concentrations of our extracts. We also ensure that they contain no traces of pesticides or residual solvents.

Is Broad Spectrum CBD, THC-Free?

This product is considered to be “broad-spectrum” since it contains trace amounts of major and minor cannabinoids. All of our broad-spectrum products are lab tested to demonstrate an undetectable amount of THC.

Can I Order Activate CBD Tincture in Bulk?

All of our products are available in bulk with a variety of quantity options. This tincture is ideal for companies that want to provide inexpensive products while staying compliant with federal THC regulations.

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